Narrative Gowns, Stitched Storytelling


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E V E ' S   G A R D E N

Eve's Garden is an exhibit of the imagination and feminine life force. Like stepping into a short story collection, each gown represents the spirit of a woman, her strength, vulnerability, mystery, and deep desire.

The gowns are experimental and eclectic, created by artists with a shared love of nature, humanity, and history, in hopes of bringing to light issues of social justice, respect for the natural world, and peace. There is an elegance to the work although it is created from repurposed and found objects and non traditional materials, ranging from antique lace and fabrics, to twigs and seeds, to packing tape and digital imagery.

A R T I S T S : (l to r) Meg Johnson, Julie Frankel, Melinda Forbes, and Gigi Eckert