Hot off the tape dispenser, these “air dresses” are made with non-traditional materials. The first step is wrapping a dress form in cling wrap, followed by layers of packing tape to build up the form. The next phase involves making many, many tape transfers (imagery) which are layered together to create the story of the dress.
 Frida's Dress
 Summer in the Sea of Japan Gertrude's Dress
 GANNA WALSKA arrived in Santa Barbara in 1941, as a well-known Polish opera singer and socialite. She spent the next 43 years designing and creating the gardens of the Montecito estate she named Lotusland. The spectacular collections of exotic plants express her penchant for the dramatic, the unexpected, and the whimsical.   
 "I would like for people to understand that no one chooses to be undocumented. If I have to leave I will feel like a failure — like I failed at proving to this country that I’m worthy of it. It’s the rejection — that after 20 years of being a good student, volunteering, working hard — it’s realizing it’s not enough."
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